Role: Editor / Creative Director / Illustrator
Output: Planning / curating / Writing / Directing / designing / promoting / budgeting
Client: Transfer Snowboard Magazine
Period: 2014 - 2017

After joining The Southern Hemisphere’s leading snowboard magazine Transfer in 2014 as the Sub-Editor, my role further called upon my entire creative skill set from graphic design to illustration and video production. At the time, the brand was almost entirely concerned with the production of the print magazine. I honed my copywriting and editing skills during the production of the first 3 issues in 2014, at the time illustrating my first magazine cover. We commenced work on the first installation of what’s now an international drawcard event, The Transfer Banked Slalom

In 2016, I stepped up into the lead position as Editor, overseeing the entire operation while fulfilling my the roles of my previous position however now I was in control of the administration and creative direction, which has helped lead Transfer to become a globally recognised thought leader in the space of snowboarding. I placed a strong emphasis on the design of the magazine and everything that became connected with the brand to help elevate it to a more premium product.

Over the duration of 4 years, I produced 12 Magazines with a circulation of 20,000 + each, distributed internationally by Gordon & Gotch.
The Fourth Phase
A world exclusive interview with Travis Rice about the most anticipated film in Snowboarding - The Fourth Phase.
Role: Planning / Interviewing / Copy Writing
The Early Years
Documenting the history of Australian snowboarding for the first time ever.
Role: Research / Interviewing / Copy Writing / Copy Editing

The Champ is Here
The controversial interview with Snowboarding's newest world champion, Australian Scotty James.
Role: Art Directing / Interviewing / Copy Writing
A brief encounter with New Zealand's most revered club field and the creatures who co-exist there.
Role: Videographer / Art Directing / Interviewing / Copy Writing
Alongside the internal direction and production of the Transfer Brand, I’d work with both athletes, brands and photographers on content. This year, I directed a shoot with LA Photographer Derek Bahn to capture this photoset of Scotty James for both Transfer and Red Bull. This was the second time in history that a portrait had been run on the cover of a snowboarding magazine. 
Over a 4 year period, producing 12 issues and 4 Buyers Guide Magazines I’ve produced over 50 published illustrations within Transfer alone, at which point my work has now become a hallmark of the magazine. From covers and characters to scenes and instructional diagrams, the theme of the illustrations has varied in their application. The consistency of producing these works really helped me speed-up my entire production of drawings and the illustrated inclusion gave Transfer a real point-of-difference amongst other snowboard magazines. 

Since its inception in 2009, Transfer asserted itself as a premium publication in snowboarding however after coming onboard in 2014, I worked tirelessly to elevate both the look and feel of the Magazine so it had clout as a beautiful publication outside of the snowboarding industry. From papers stocks to overhauling grids and attributes like the masthead to revising the production workflow so that I worked side-by-side with Art Director Johnny McCormack so that the editorial and design was in complete cohesion. As a result, the product improved ten-fold and adapted to the changing consumption of print magazine media. Today, Transfer reflects a publication that’s well beyond the industry standard and has been celebrated for its looks and feel alone, let alone its world-class content.