Role: Graphic Design / Illustration
Client: Snow Travel Expo / United Airlines
Period: 2015, 2017, 2017

The Snow Travel Expo is Australia’s premiere snow-focused travel exhibit and takes place in both Melbourne and Sydney with crowds upwards of 25,000. It’s also advertised heavily in places like the Sydney Herald and onboard in-flight magazines, with the partnering airline, United. Everyone from global conglomerate, Vale Resorts to Tesla have stalls and the artwork that I’ve created for the past 3 years have been shown in various capacities both at and outside the expo. 
Working closely with a senior Creative Director, Ben Tuffy, I’d adhere to a strict brief containing restrictions, mandatory inclusions and a look and feel consistent with the Snow Travel Expo. I get immense satisfaction from seeing my work in my corporate applications and reaching an audience that I might not regularly communicate with otherwise.