Role: Graphic Design / Product Design
Client: Modest Eyes
Period: 2016, 2017

One of the most rewarding experiences in design is creating something, then having it become a real tangible object. When given a platform like a goggle and a blank slate, my mind runs rampant with possibilities but at some point, you need to pull back. While digital has its limitations, when design becomes tactful and is subject to scrutiny by our very senses, it’s easy to pick-a-part design that hasn’t been so considered. 

When designing for this Modest goggle, I wanted to keep the design minimal, and for the main part, looking good when being worn. My illustration is, in most parts very detailed, however, granted the stretch of the goggle band and the tooth of the weave, I opted for a much simpler design for this collaboration. The matte, rubberised pastel pink stands out from a market saturated in technicolour prints or blacks.
Alongside this collab goggle, I created artwork for softgoods based on the briefed words “we rise by lifting others”. Again, another simplified approach that compliments the brand.