Role: Typography / Illustration
Period: 2014

A snippet of a 365 letter and number form experiment, which I undertook with a group of anonymous designers in 2014-2015, made up of 27 letters and 27 numbers. We were randomly assigned a number and a letter, or 2 of the same. Then we had 3 hours to complete each letter with a theme of our own choosing, so long as the forms were entirely created with the line work of a 0.3pt sharpie. 
I wanted to make something that was mechanical, in which all of these little components made up the letter itself. Each component was inspired by my fascination and understanding of how things like engines fit together and how each part works with the next to make it all run. It’s interconnected relationship similar to how we as a society function and holds true to the expression; ‘The sum of its parts is greater than the whole’ … The colors were inspired by those common on enamel signs found in gas stations and workshops of yesteryear. 
The project as a whole was shelved, due to contributor issues but as a standalone piece, I just like how these letters sit.