Output: Creative Direction / Copy Writing / Graphic Design
Client: Rayl Company
Period: 2015

A short film project in cahoots with filmer Nick Damen.

Acting upon the whim of spoken word will always yield the fruits of adventure. For it is the word-of-mouth which inevitably entails the allure of uncertainty.
With the winter skies looming, and that big-hot Australian earth dampening underfoot, it was time to trip north one last time.
"A river, any river. That's where we'll ride. The river would become a point of reference, not a destination. A destination is an expectation, it's what happens in-between that counts"
In the following tale from the tar, the traveling company of Beau Williams, Louis Macindoe and Nicholas Damen chase the rivers of Australia's Mid-North Coast up into the hinterland in search of empty back-roads, illusive camping spots, and sublime views.