Role: Graphic Design / Illustration
Client: Arnette Eyewear
Period: 2013

A T-shirt design for Arnette eyewear commemorating the 20th-anniversary re-release of the original Catfish Sunglass upon which the brand was founded on. The shirt itself was distributed during Arnette activations during a 6 month period during 2013. 
Arnette had approached me with a very specific set of limitations with the design, however, were familiar with my style of design and wanted me to feature their ‘anniversary badge’ and the original Arnette lock-up on the chest while working the actual sunglass in there somewhere. I opted to run with an aesthetic that’s synonymous with the brand, that being the Xerox/photocopier style of art which dominated the surf and skate culture during the early 90s. Disassembling a pair of original Catfish’s, along with re-drawn brand elements that had been torn up and arranged on the scanning bed.