Role: Graphic Design /  Illustration / Event Coordination
Client: Thredbo Resort
Period: 2016

2016 would mark a milestone year for snowboarding in Australia, as it turned 30. Having compiled the complete history of Australian Snowboarding for the first time ever in Transfer Magazine Issue #23, I was approached by some of the sports earliest adopters to put on a one-night ‘pop-up’ exhibit, Q&A and film screening of never-been digitally-duped video footage of early Australian snowboarding at Thredbo Resort, then following it up the next day with a hand-dug halfpipe session as an ode to those ‘early years’ pre-halfpipe cutters. When the celebrations were hailed as some of the best days of snowboarding ever, by the likes of an elite American snowboarder, Ben Ferguson who joined a whole bunch of generations who’d never snowboarder together. The 30 Years weekend will be a timestamp on Australian Snowboarding History.

The most iconic shots used in the ‘Early Years’ story were drawn into the poster, which really had the older crew picking out who’s who and the radical colours used were inspired by the colour palates of those period correct boards. The flaming text up-top is a nod to Thrasher Magazine, who featured regular snowboard articles during the late 80s.